We are digital service company

Amikia Digital Services (Amikia) was born with the initial purpose of fulfilling the dreams of companies, organizations and foundations like Sokhrates.
Which contribute to improving and helping our planet, as well as safeguarding the rights of the most vulnerable, such as children or animals.

The philosophy on which Amikia has been constituted is the following:

"Everything that a person can imagine, others can make it happen"

- Julio Verne -

Bring your dream or idea

To Amikia Digital Services

Work together

In your dream through different workshops and we will make them come true

Turn your dream into a project

Bring it to life. We turn your dream into an amazing digital solution


Make your dream come true and help those who need it



Amikia Is a 100% Customer-Focused Company

Team & Services

All founding partners have between 15-20 years of experience working for large multinationals in different areas of the Digital World.

Client Satisfaction

We are specialist in digital business application development


The solutions we offer to our clients, are based on providing an answer to a need

Business Digital Transformation